The Vampire Diaries en The Originals spin-off Legacies, had een première aflevering die ons met een sh*tload aan vragen heeft achter gelaten. Seriously, we are freaking out!

We kunnen alleen maar wachten op de volgende aflevering… Of toch niet? Verassing! Wij hebben wat antwoorden voor je. Let op het betreffen wel spoilers.


Wat is Landon?

We zetten misschien wel de grootste vraagteken bij de achtergrond van Landon. Danielle Rose Russell vertelde aan Seventeen dat Landon iets is ‘that none of the series, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, have explored before’. Spannendddd. Wat denken jullie, is hij überhaupt wel een mens?


Hoe zit het met Hope & Landon?

Betreft Hope en Landon vertelde Danielle Rose Rusell aan Seventeen dat ‘They really do care about each other and you’ll see both of these characters go on a journey and do whatever they can for each other. I think that’s a really beautiful dynamic and relationship on this show. They really create the heart of the series and so I’m very excited’ Maar wat we natuurlijk eigenlijk gewoon willen weten is of ze weer hetzelfde terugkrijgen als voordat Landon vertrok… Rusell verklapt, ‘In episode 8, their relationship kind of takes a turn.’


Komen er speciale afleveringen van Legacies?

‘I look back now, we’re about to start filming 16, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, our season hasn’t even started until episode 8. I mean, that’s where our season really began and some of the most like awesome and amazing twists and turns and that are in the entire season and show period are coming your way’, vertelde Danielle Rose Russell aan Seventeen. ‘Certain episodes after 8 are some of my favorites and I think that they’ve done a really beautiful job with them. You’re gonna see a musical episode in a couple episodes that came out so there’s just different things coming your way.’ Wist je trouwens dat het einde van The Originals eigenlijk heel anders gepland was? Lees hier het originele einde van The Originals!


Whats up met de love triangle Josie, Lizzie en Raphael?

De twins vallen beiden voor Raphael, awkward! ‘A lot of people have been using the phrase ‘love triangle,’ which we’re kind of shying away from, just because Josie and Lizzie are so solid and they love each other so much that even if Lizzie is kind of in her own world, they are there for each other no matter what and if there came a point where — they’re too strong to let a boy come in between, so I don’t think we’d use the word ‘love triangle,’ but you’ll definitely see that pan out through the first season,’ zegt Kaylee Bryant over het trio tegen Seventeen.


Hoe zit het met Alaric en The Salvatore School?

Nu Alaric de headmaster van de school is, zal hij zeker proberen om zijn studenten veilig te houden. ‘The first episode sets up what will then trigger the sort of monsters that start to come to Mystic Falls, so you’ll see him in protector-defender mode in virtually every episode moving forward, which I’m really excited about’, zei Matt Davis tegen Seventeen op set van the Legacies. ‘We’re doing like these creatures of the week and that has this sort of cool, old Hollywood vibe to the monster work that we’re doing, which is a lot of fun, so if you’re into that stuff it’ll being people in and really enjoy that monster stuff as well as there’s drama that you get with The Vampire Diaries.’


Gaan we meer zien van Mystic Falls?

De main setting van de serie is the Salvatore School, maar co-executive producers Julie Plec en Brett Matthew verklapte dat Mystic Falls op verschillende manieren terugkomt! ‘One of the things that we never really got to do very often in The Vampire Diaries was let our teens be teens. Because the stakes were so high and the world was so dangerous and people were dying left, right, and center. And so, when we came into this show we though, ‘how can we keep it still a show about a bunch of teenagers in a boarding school,’ so we have things like the [Mystic Falls vs. Salvatore School] flag football game. We have things like the annual talent show. We’re gonna go back to do the Miss Mystic Falls pageant’, vertelde Julie Plec aan Seventeen. ‘There’s a lot of things. There’s a sweet 16 party coming up for the twins and we’re really working hard to keep all that fun teenage energy alive and keep it light and fun in all those places too in a way that we just never could do in The Vampire Diaries.’


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