Op Twitter heb je de grappigste accounts met leuke Tweets. Kennen jullie @iusedtothink al?

Herinneren jullie je nog mijn blog over één van mijn favoriete Twitter accounts: #omgidothistoo? Bij deze heb ik een ontzettend leuke nieuwe tip voor alle tweeps onder jullie: #iusedtothink, per keer een 140 tekens lange herinnering aan wat je vroeger allemaal wel niet geloofde. I used to think…

…I used to think that someone would get me late at night when I was walking between my room and the bathroom.
…I used to think that closing my eyes would make me disappear.
…I used to think that prison inmates wore black and white stripes like they did in cartoons.
…I used to think wearing matching colored shirt and pants made me the coolest kid ever.
…my heart was shaped like ?
…I used to think I would one day get a letter from Hogwarts.
…I used to think that factories made clouds.
…I used to think I was rich if I had €10.
…I used to think my toys would come to life as soon as I left my bedroom and closed the door.
…I used to think “I’m gonna tell your dad” was the scariest sentence ever.

Welke gekke gedachtes hadden jullie vroeger? 😉