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It-girl Cara Delevingne loopt voor de meest grote en bekende modemerken over de catwalk. Backstage heeft het supermodel veel tijd te doden. gelukkig heeft ze haar iPhone!

Ben jij benieuwd welke Apps zij het liefst gebruikt op haar telefoon? Je leest het hier:












Cara: 'I use Vine a lot to make some silly (and some crazy) clips when I have a couple of minutes.'

Cara: 'This is a new app so I haven't used it a lot but you can take a photo of any piece of clothing, a piece of fabric, a great colour from anywhere and it'll find an item of clothing, shows, bag – anything – that matches it. Pretty cool!

HootSuite for Twitter & Facebook
Cara: 'Super easy for sharing new pics and videos on Twitter and Facebook… all in one piece. Follow me on Twitter! @caradelevingne

Cara: 'Follow @caradelevingne so you can see…'

Cara: 'Amazing new camera app that lets you create a masterpiece and trick your friends into thinking you're a really good photographer.'

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Cara: 'Who doesn't love a joyride through Los Santos? I have my own radio station in GTA V.'

The Cut on the Runway
Cara: 'A really simple idea. The latest news and every picture and look from every collection, from every show in every city.'

Sullivan's List
Cara: 'This is based on a guy who made a list of all the events and places he wanted to experience in the world after he was struck by lightning SEVEN times – you can create your own to-do list if you don't want to wait for lightning to strike'.

Cara: 'My friend Lily Cole created her own app that connects people so they can help each other out… such a simple and beautiful idea!'

SocialNote Pro
Cara: 'Ideal for sharing words of wisdom, quotes, advice or just random ramblings to Instagram.'

Call of Duty, Strike Team
Cara: 'I'm a massive fan and this iPad version helps me get my CoD fix when I'm travelling or on shoots.'


Zit er een app bij die ook jouw favoriet is?