+ 5 x haar favo app’s

Iedereen heeft wel een guilty pleasure… Shakira ook!

Haar guilty pleasure? De Candy Crush Saga-app!

Shakira: 'I have a lot of long plane rides between LA and Barcelina and sometimes a bit of frivolous entertainment is a great way to disconnect.'


Shakira's andere favo apps?

WhatsApp Messenger. 'I use this to keep in touch wherever I am with my nanny and my family, so no matter whether down the street or across the ocean I'm always up to speed with what's going on in Milan's world.'

FaceTime. 'Whenever we're traveling we always make sure to call Gerard on FaceTime and vice versa. It's great way to instantly connect.'

Ms. PacMan. 'A classic. Reminds me of my youth.'

Voice Memos. 'This is one I use in the studio a lot, to help me capture melodies, create references for arrangements, and work remotely with producers or musicians so they can hear the same thing I'm hearing.'

Shakira: Haar eigen app met coole bts-foto's en fun filmpjes!