Zijn favo apps en songs!

Je kent Jared natuurlijk van 30 Seconds to Mars, maar naast muzikant is hij ook acteur. 

Voor zijn nieuwste rol in de film Dallas Buyer's Club heeft hij al een Golden Globe gewonnen en is hij genomineerd voor een Oscar!

Wat zou deze busy man allemaal op zijn telefoon hebben staan?

Dit zijn z‘n favoriete apps en songs van dit moment:





1. Viber

Via Viber kun je gratis bellen en sms‘en naar vrienden die de app ook hebben!

Jared: ‘Viber is an easy way to keep in contact with friends when I'm away. Great design. Great ux. they make it easy fun and even funny.’

2. Nest

Een app om op afstand je apparaten in huis te bedienen en energie te besparen.

Jared: ‘If you don't know about this yet you need to. It's an impeccably designed app but it's also a piece of beautifully designed hardware. Nest have disrupted the household utilities market. They started with the thermostat and blew people's minds. Now they have rebooted the smoke alarm. I can come home from 2 months on tour, tap my Nest app in the car and have my house toasty for my arrival. Plus it helps you save energy. It comes from the geniuses who designed the iPod. Who thought a thermostat could be beautiful?’


3. Uber

Met deze app kun je in steden over de hele wereld een taxi bestellen.

Jared: ‘I use this app all over the world. They're in 25 countries now and expanding rapidly. Now you're never stuck trying to finding a cab in the New York rain or google-ing for a cab number in Berlin or trying to find local dollars in Sydney. Uber let's you order a car right to you, tells you how long until it arrives and charges directly to your credit card on file.’

4. Instagram

Deze kennen we natuurlijk allemaal… 🙂 

Jared: ‘I started out as a visual artist before I did any other creative arts, so I love that Instagram is about photography and video. It allows me a chance to share my life, quick and easy, from my perspective. Find me: @jaredleto’


5. Yelp

Vind de leukste restaurants met Yelp!


Jared: ‘This is the best app for finding restaurant recommendations all over the world. I've discovered some of my favorite eating spots through Yelp reviews. That’s saying a lot from a very picky eater.’


Favorite songs: